About me

My name is Giulia Gallini, and I’m a professional in the cultural field who specializes in the history of Islamic art and architecture. I love to create and curate contents on the topic and carrying out cultural projects on Middle Eastern arts and culture. I have always been fascinated by inscriptions, particularly Qur’anic inscriptions.

I have started this blog years ago and here I focus on my preferred topics: Qur’anic inscriptions and Islamic art and architecture. If you don’t know where to start from, try the backdoor


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Other articles

I love writing articles, and not only about inscriptions. Here is a list of articles I have written here and there.


Backpacking in Turkey, published Nov 2014, Al.Arte magazine [link]
On the Bride’s Side: Crossing Fortress Europe with Refugees, published Dec 2014, Al.Arte magazine [link]
The Game of Patterns, interview with Mahdi Bahrami, published Feb 2016, IWA magazine [link]
Sicily in the Book of Curiosities, Siqilliyya, Nov 2015 [link]


Rendere arabo ciò che arabo non è. La Camera delle Meraviglie di Palermo., published Jan 2017, Dialoghi Mediterranei [link]
Indictus, tra storia narrata e Storia documentata, published Mar 2018, Dialoghi Mediterranei [link]