About me


My name is Giulia Gallini, and I’m a professional in the cultural field who specializes in the history of Islamic art and architecture. I love to create and curate contents on the topic and carrying out cultural projects on Middle Eastern arts and culture. I have always been fascinated by inscriptions, particularly Qur’anic inscriptions.

The realm of Islamic art is either confined to the academic world or seen and discussed through the lense of religious faith: I value independent information and have the natural ability to create educational, informative, and yet engaging contents. I am detailed and thorough, but always manage to convey messages as easy and clearly as possible. 

I have started this blog years ago and here I focus on my preferred topics: Qur’anic inscriptions and Islamic art and architecture. If you don’t know where to start from, try the backdoor!

SquareKufic is not my only project: 4 years ago I built from scratch a unique magazine on Islamic arts, IWA Islamic World of Art, that is now becoming a point of reference in the field. I am currently the editorial director of the magazine.


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Other articles

I love writing articles, and not only about inscriptions. Here is a list of articles I have written here and there.


Backpacking in Turkey, published Nov 2014, Al.Arte magazine [link]
On the Bride’s Side: Crossing Fortress Europe with Refugees, published Dec 2014, Al.Arte magazine [link]
The Game of Patterns, interview with Mahdi Bahrami, published Feb 2016, IWA magazine [link]
Sicily in the Book of Curiosities, Siqilliyya, Nov 2015 [link]


Rendere arabo ciò che arabo non è. La Camera delle Meraviglie di Palermo., published Jan 2017, Dialoghi Mediterranei [link]
Indictus, tra storia narrata e Storia documentata, published Mar 2018, Dialoghi Mediterranei [link]