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IWA magazine – issue #6

In the sixth issue of the magazine the focus is on Uyghurs: in China, the slow and tragic deletion of the Uyghurs through a terrifying process of ethnic cleansing is putting at risk millions of human lives and thousands of years of civilization in Central Asia.

IWA magazine – issue 5

IWA magazine’s fifth issue is on post-war reconstruction in Syria, with a cover article on the problems the country will face once the war will be finally over. Also in this issue, among others: the Islamic Museum of Australia and the Israeli visual propaganda during Mandate Palestine.

IWA magazine – issue #4

The cover story of the fourth issue of IWA magazine tackles the representation of the Jew in the Arab-Muslim world, focusing on the period from the colonialism to World War II. Together with that, we offer an insight on Muslim-Jewish relations during the Middle Ages, and a reflection on the book ‘A lover in Palestine’, by Selim Nassib.