Social Media & Islamic Art: a survey

After few months spent dealing with Islamic art in social media, we are more and more interested in understanding what people like about Islamic art and how people use social platforms to get information about it. We thus launched a survey.

Why a survey?

Social platforms have a wonderful pro: they are used worldwide. With a blog, Twitter, Pinterest… you can reach whoever you want and you can bring together interested people, with different backgrounds and interests. But sometimes it is difficult to understand the real interest of people: what do they really want to read? What is the fruition of the contents?

We are all different: our life, work and behaviour influence of course the interest we can have on a general topic.

Social networking of course helps us to share the contents we like, but these platforms can be used to gather information and grow our knowledge on one topic.

Thus, what do you like to read? Which information do you want to gather about Islamic art and culture? And how do you use social networks?

If you think, as we do, that we can do more together to promote and spread Islamic art and culture, spend five minutes and take our anonymous survey.
It will help us understanding trends and interest in the subject.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. fennecarts says:

    Took the survey 🙂 I’m interested in hearing the result!


    1. SquareKufic says:

      We’ll publish the result of course…


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